Michelada (My Cold Beer) Anyone? – at Empellon Cocina – Part 1

The single most exciting item on the menu at Empellon Cocina (the relatively new upscale Mexican restaurant in NYC by chef Alex Stupak) on a 90 degree day for me was the cool, refreshing Michelada (My Cold Beer).  ” Do I  try it with lime juice or chiles” was the debate in my head.

The chiles won (they always do with me)!  See photos below of the different Micheladas that my friend and I ordered.   Some of you  may have a few questions:

  • If Michelada is Cold Beer, then, what’s so unique about a Michelada?
  • How do they compare with the Micheladas in Mexico?

See pictures and read on below.

Micheladas are beer cocktails made with chiles or lime juice and served with ice in a glass with a heavily salted rim.  Apparently a good remedy for hangovers in Mexico.  Michelada, some say, stands for “mi chela helada” or “my cold, light beer”.  Read more here and here

These Micheladas were excellent; the perfect drink to quench thirst on a hot day and the perfect drink to accompany the mouth-watering Mexican food at Empellon Cocina.   The Micheladas in Mexico came with more salt on the rim and with more lime juice / chiles.  Otherwise, the ones at Empellon Cocina were spot on and well worth the trial.

How vegetarian friendly is the menu and how were the vegetarian items in terms of taste , flavor, and texture? Definitely not disappointing as you will find out in Part 2 of this post (to be continued).

Meanwhile, I have a question for you:  Do you know in which other bars / restaurants in NYC are Micheladas served?

More about Empellon Cocina and Chef Alex Stupak in the New York Times Dining Section



  1. Sounds great! Thank you for the post and michelada pix. I love micheladas and didn’t know there was a good place to try a variety!


    1. Adam – glad to know that you love Micheladas too! If you ever go to Empellon Cocina,let me know what you think about the Micheladas there.


  2. The Michelada does seem interesting. I have tried asking for a shandy (mix of beer and lemonade) at bars in nyc. Some get it; most dont get it. Your post has definitely got me intrigued about Empellon Cochina. Hope to go there sometime…


    1. Ramesh – Thanks for educating me about the Shandy. We must try asking for a Michelada in other Mexican places when we go out.


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