Progressive Food Tolerance among Tamilian Vegetarians

This blog is about my experiences of eating at restaurants, but this particular post is different – it’s just about eating out by Tamilian Brahmins (a k a Tam Brahms = a category of Indians).  When I read this post, I could not stop laughing and  just had to share this with you all.  Your sides will hurt from laughing if you are a Tam Brahm like me.

I love the way the post categorizes the different levels of vegetarians across the spectrum from “pyoor high class vegetarian” to “high class vegetarian” to “vegetarian” and ultimately to the “Global Citizen”.  Please note:  This post is meant to be taken lightly, please do not get offended by it.  Have a good laugh (or at least try to) and share with others if you think it will make them laugh.

For those who are not familiar with this sliver of a population of Indians and their terminology, the following links / explanation may help:

  • See this Wiki Entry about Tam Brahms
  • V-NV => Vegetarian – Non-Vegetarian
  • Burji = scrambled eggs
  • Sombu / Saunf = Fennel seeds
  • Kozhi = Tamilian word for chicken
  • Punjabi Food = Food from the state of Punjab in India
  • Chettinaadu /Chettinad = a region in Tamil Nadu (state in South India) that specializes in spicy non-vegetarian food. See this Wiki Entry and this one about Chettinad Cuisine
  • Morkali = A snack made in South India from rice flour, buttermilk, ginger, red chillies etc.  See this post and this post for the recipe
  • Mallu = slang for Malayali, people from the South Indian state of Kerala (also known as God’s own country)

This post made me wonder – am I “Mostly Vegetarian” or a “Kozhitarian” or a “Global Citizen”?………

PS:  The picture featured in this post shows Idlis made by me at home yesterday.



  1. OMG, I love that blog! You can relate to almost every post!!


    1. Absolutely, me too!


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