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About this Blog

This blog is about eating vegetarian / vegan food in New York City and London (and beyond, based on my travel).

Many of my family and friends are vegetarian. In fact, they are “mostly vegetarian / predominantly vegetarian” – hmm – what does that mean? It means that they really like vegetarian food, and are open to eating white meat, fish / seafood (only the non-smelly kind), and may be even cured red meat.  I count myself as one of these people.  I often dine out with family and friends in NYC (and from 2013 in London) and am always on the look-out for restaurants that can accommodate our dietary preferences.  Hence, this blog will, occasionally, include posts on dishes that are not Vegetarian or Vegan.


  • How many of us are tired of reading restaurant reviews that wax eloquent about the pork belly or duck or the steak with no mention of or with just a passing reference to the salads and other vegan or vegetarian items?
  • Have you ever dined out with a group,`in which one is vegetarian, one is allergic to seafood, one who will eat only vegetables and fish, and one who will eat only meat?

If yes, to either of the questions above, you will find reviews of “vegetarian friendly” restaurants and vegetarian / vegan dishes that these restaurants serve, including other dishes that are Not Just Vegetarian.

Besides restaurant reviews, you will also find reviews of films, events, and markets that draw my attention.  There may be occasional product reviews and giveaways too.  Be sure to sign-up for regular e-mail updates, so you do not miss out on the give-aways!!

About Me

I was raised vegetarian and even today enjoy eating vegetarian food.   I grew up in India and have studied / worked in 5 different cities there.  I have been living in NYC for the past 8 years lived in NYC for almost 9 years and life took me to London in mid-2013.

My grandmother was highly respected, about 60 years ago in India, as being one of the first few people who baked egg-less cakes to accommodate the dietary restrictions and preferences of family and friends.  I grew up listening to my grandmothers, aunts, and mother constantly exchanging recipes.  I have enjoyed the best of South Indian cuisine at home, and the best of Rajasthani, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, and Gujarati  food while I studied across multiple cities in India.

I now enjoy and savor food that is not vegetarian, based on my travels in India and outside.  I try my best to eat mostly vegetarian food, but I also need to ensure that I get adequate lean protein.

What is my favorite cuisine?  This is like asking some one what is their favorite genre of music.  It’s a tough one to answer.  I enjoy Indian food at home and rarely outside (most restaurants have a hard time competing with my family / friends and restaurants in India).  Tapas and sushi are both top contenders.

This blog is Not Just Vegetarian, so, I promise not to preach about eating vegan or vegetarian food on this blog.  I am using this blog as a creative outlet and as an opportunity to share my excitement of enjoying delicious Not Just Vegetarian cuisine in restaurants as well as to reminisce about some dishes that I enjoyed at home or during my travel.

Happy reading!



  1. Wow, great blog! It looks like we had a similar vegetarian upbringing and I fall somewhere on the vegetarian-ish spectrum, too. My blog (Perfect Circle Kitchen) is all about cooking for vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters at home, without a lot of fuss. Great concept you have–I’ll be following!


    1. Hi Eve,

      I took a look at your blog just now and am very impressed with the quick recipes you post that can be modified for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. I started following your blog just a few minutes ago. As you say in your “About” page, more people want to eat less and include less dairy these days. Am really glad you found Not Just Vegetarian and for your very kind comment.


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