Healthy (?) Mediterranean at Boulud Sud

Mediterranean cuisine is considered the healthiest of cuisines.  Take a look at what we ate at Boulud Sud and tell me  – “Did we eat healthy”?

When we go out as a group, we often order many appetizers for the table and either skip or share main courses.

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The chickpea and eggplant dish was served with spring pea hummus, lavash and falafel.   The spring pea hummus was a beautiful green and was very attractive too.  I thought the hummus lacked flavor, but that’s not what the rest of the table thought.   The lavash was crispy (as expected) and was topped with either zatar or sumac (I could not tell which one of these it was).  We got extra lavash and extra topping too for the table.

The tabouleh was a combination of two different dishes – a classic bulgur tabouleh which had the classic taste;  and a cauliflower with fig tabouleh with zatar.   The sweet figs in combination with the zatar and the cauliflower makes the latter dish unique and definitely worth trying.

The “Horiatiki” i.e., Greek salad was very authentic and was gone in a few minutes from the time it was presented at the table.

The Salad Tropizienne had crunchy fennel, celery, and apparently artichokes too, which I could barely find in the dish.   There was more frisee than I would like to see in a dish, but it did not matter given the overall taste of this salad.

The stone baked flatbread tasted slightly too “green” / raw / bitter for our taste.  It had a green paste (like pesto) on it and was topped with many greens (Arugula, I think).  The thinly sliced proscuitto definitely introduced the much needed balance with its saltiness and smooth texture.  If I were to order this dish again, I would not ask for the proscuitto on the side (as we did to accommodate the dietary preferences of our group), but will get it as a topping as it is intended.

I would definitely order the ravioli dish and the ratatouille topped with garlic crumbs if I were to visit this restaurant again.

The zatar baked cod with mussels, and radish was presented very beautifully.  I would have liked more zatar on the cod and more cod in the dish too, but other than that, this dish was perfect.

The highlight of the dinner (for me) was the charred broccoli rabe side.  I am generally not a fan of broccoli rabe, but got it to accompany the cod.   The crispy shallots, the slight bitter taste of the broccoli rabe, and the heat-packed pepperoncini made it a very memorable dish for me.

The next time I go, I will make sure that we order fewer dishes for the table and have enough space for dessert.  The chocolate pomegranate tartlette with hazelnut cream and pomegranate sorbet as well as the ourta (caramelized brick dough and assorted nuts) served with orange blossom cream seem worth trying.

So, tell me, did we eat healthy?

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  1. Eggplant, hummus, ratatouille, cauliflower, cod, broccoli rabe…… I’d say very healthy. Except the ravioli which looks great but I don’t think can be considered “healthy”. I often think of mediterranean food as basic or simple but this is a great reminder that it can also be fancy!


    1. Thank you, Operagourmand, for your thoughts. The ratatouille did not seem very healthy when we ate it, but tasted delicious.


  2. I love this place too…the appetizers are yummy.


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