Vegetarian Week?

As I was reading a food blog ( by a classmate of mine from the Food Blogging Course at the International Culinary Center, I got to know that this week is World Vegetarian Week. I did not even know that such a week existed and especially not that it’s this week – speaks volumes about my knowledge of vegetarians, doesn’t it? I was so embarrassed about not knowing the significance of this week that I felt compelled to find out more.

Upon further research, I figured that this week is National Vegetarian Week (May 21 – May 27) in the UK and World Vegetarian Week (May 19 – May 26) elsewhere. The latter site does not seem to have much content. Apparently there is also an International Vegetarian Week that is observed in the first week of October, since 2008. You might be as surprised as I am to know that Oakland, CA celebrated the Oakland Veg Week from April 15 – April 21 this year.

Now my next question is whether New York and especially its restaurants observe Vegetarian Week this week or at some other time of the year. So, I checked a few websites (by no means exhaustive) – Open Table and Menu Pages. Neither of them indicate that this is World Vegetarian Week here in NYC.

Apparently there was a New York Vegetarian Food Festival celebrated on March 3 and 4 this year.

What is really happening in this vegan / vegetarian friendly city this week? There is a Veggie Pride Parade in the Greenwich village / Union Square Area on May 27 from noon to 5 PM. This parade is in its fifth year and has many well-known vegan speakers and music by vegan artists.

Does anyone know whether NYC restaurants have special vegetarian friendly menus this week to celebrate World Vegetarian Week?


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  1. I didnt know about the world vegetarian week either…maybe it is more popular outside the US.


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