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Back on the Blog

Almost 6 months since I posted anything here…..  These months were filled with walks in the park, beach trips, a zoo visit or two, a wedding in India, music festivals, good food and …..more!  I promise to fill you all in on the good food in London and wherever I have traveled in the last […]

Ah Cacao in Cancun

In NYC, we get pretty good Mexican food and drinks, so much so, that one is spoilt.  Mexican cuisine is considered cool, and of the moment – see this post in the NY Times. A few years ago, I went to Cancun and had the most miserable experience when it came to food.  Talk about […]

Culinary Trends in Chocolate…

… more from the New York Chocolate Show 2012.  You read about my experience in the show in my previous post. This post is about a short informative (and tasting) session that I attended on Culinary Trends in Chocolate during the NY Chocolate Show.  The session was conducted by a representative of the National Confectioners […]

On Twitter too!

Yes, yes, I have known it all along that getting on to Twitter will increase readership / viewership for Not Just Vegetarian.  But I was not sure I was ready to enter the Tweeting world – so much more to keep track of!! After much thought, I have plunged in to the world of Twitter […]

On to Pinterest!

Followers, friends, and those who just stopped by this blog, You were always able to “Pin” my post / picture on to your boards. Am happy to announce that Not Just Vegetarian is now on Pinterest!!!  You will now be able to follow me on Pinterest (besides Facebook and e-mail) – see the sidebar on […]

Vegetarian Week?

As I was reading a food blog ( by a classmate of mine from the Food Blogging Course at the International Culinary Center, I got to know that this week is World Vegetarian Week. I did not even know that such a week existed and especially not that it’s this week – speaks volumes about […]

Gastropub experience

Over the weekend, I joined a group of friends at the Brickyard Gastropub in Hells Kitchen. While the title does state “Gastropub”, I did not expect to find anything on the food menu that would be vegetarian or tasty. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of, the quality and taste of the vegetarian options. […]