The best spicy tequila cocktail in NYC – at Tequileria Maya

Inspired by this post by InsideFoodPro, I have been keen to visit Tequileria Maya in the Upper East Side for a few weeks now.  The opportunity to check it out came along when a couple of friends wanted to meet for late night drinks on a weeknight.

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The “Pepino” cocktail (house infused jalapeno tequila, with cucumber, and citrus) that I had was simply perfect for that warm night.  I was looking for something that was not too sweet.  I was debating between the “Pepino”and the “Maya Ginger Fizz” (herradura blanco tequila, ginger beer, mint, and lime) when the bartender advised me to go with the Pepino.  The rim of the glass was salted of course, but also had a spicy, smoky chili power (chipotle or ancho?), and either lime juice or tamarind – see the bright red/ brown color of the salted rim. The cucumber was pureed and was slightly salty.  Overall, the drink was savory and spicy – yes, it packs a lot of heat!! And I just loved it. I think its the BEST SPICY COCKTAIL in NYC.  WARNING: Please stay away from this drink if you do not care for spicy drinks.

We got the medium spicy guacamole to share.  It was just an average guacamole.  It was fresh, but not great. I prefer the fresh guacamole made table-side at Dos Caminos, or at Toloache in NYC or even the cold pre-made ones at Chipotle Mexican Grill.

My friends got the Michelada and the Traditional Margarita.  I did not try either to offer a comment here.  Am looking forward to MargsandMargs take on the margarita at Tequileria Maya.

Tequileria Maya and the restaurant Maya are next to each other.  They have a door each on the outside, but lead to the same space inside.  The restaurant was not too crowded and the guests seemed to be mostly people from the neighborhood.  The crowd and scene may be different on a weekend.

Tequileria Maya has Happy Hour everyday from 5 PM to 7 PM and again from 10 PM to midnight, when margaritas are $6 each and Mexican beer is $4 each

The restaurant is also participating in Restaurant Week NYC and has a special Menu – with items from the regular menu.

Will I go back to the restaurant?

Yes, I will definitely go back for the drinks, and I want to try the other food items as well.  Some of the items I would like to try are:

Bar Food

    • Mushroom Huarache (wild mushrooms, goat cheese, and truffle oil)
    • Squash Blossom Quesadilla (corn masa, squash blossom, poblano chilies, roasted corn, and three salsas)
    • Tuna Tartare Guacamole to share
Main Menu (at Maya restaurant)
  • Vegetarian
    • Arugula Salad (caramelized almonds, cranberry, chipotle balsamic, and panela cheese)
    • Heirloom Tomato salad (watermelon, avocado, green apple, tequila vinaigrette, and panela cheese)
    • Hutilacoche and wild mushroom enchilada
  • Not Vegetarian(the first two listed below are Chef’s special items)
    • Mahi Mahi “a la Talla” (Mahi-mahi in adobo marinade, with napa-cabbage and heirloom tomatoes, and chipotle aioli)
    • Tequila Chipotle Prawns (black bean-gouda cheese flatbread, chipotle chili sauce, and frisee salad)
    • Crispy Cod Tacos (poblano tartar sauce, cabbage, and pickled cucumber)
Enjoy beer and margaritas over the sizzling-hot next few days in NYC!!
PS: If you know of any other restaurants in NYC serving spicy cocktails, please let me know!

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