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Top 10 posts on Not Just Vegetarian…

So, Not Just Vegetarian is one year old!!!  Thank you friends, family, and all readers for supporting this blog.   Here is a round-up of the top 10 posts over the past year: No. 10:  Chilean wine class at Puro Wine  I really enjoyed learning about Chilean wine and eating Chilean appetizers in this class. […]

Veggie sliders and a buckwheat noodle salad at Brickyard Gastropub

Sometime last year (in this post), I went with a group of friends to Brickyard Gastropub in Hell’s Kitchen and wrote about the surprising number of vegetarian options there and how much I liked the food.  I also promised to go back to Brickyard Gastropub to get pictures and to tell you more about the […]

Chilean Wine Class at Puro Wine NYC

My first introduction to Chilean wine (rather the one that I remember) was in Aruba when we bought Chilean wines at a grocery store.  Why?  It was when we chose to stay at an all-inclusive resort when we did not quite understand what an all-inclusive resort really meant – how often has something like that […]