A new beginning … Not Just Vegetarian from London

After almost 9 years in NYC (including a couple in the Midwest), life brought me to London in mid-July – hence the relative silence on Not Just Vegetarian. While it’s always tough to leave a place / city one loves (especially NYC), the challenges of the move and navigating life in a new city seem insignificant when one thinks of the exciting changes that London will offer.  This post may be news to some of you, but I do hope that most of you are as excited as I am to explore vegetarian (and vegan) friendly restaurants in London with me.

Just before I left NYC, I took my time saying farewell to many friends at many of my favorite restaurants in NYC and at some new ones.  So, this blog will continue to feature many posts on eating out in NYC (I have a huge backlog of such posts) and will have more recent posts on my dining experience in London.

To new beginnings and exciting changes …

Not Just Vegetarian

Not Just Vegetarian – NYC and London


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