Nunu Chocolates: Ganaches handmade in Brooklyn

Nunu Chocolates has some of the best chocolates made in NYC.  I visited the flagship store sometime back and got the booze box – ganaches infused with absinthe, sake, rye, mezcal-chili, moonshine, and amarula.  The ganaches were smooth and velvety, and one cannot miss the distinct alcohol flavor.  My favorite was the sake ganache.

Alcohol infused handmade ganaches at Nunu Chocolates, Brooklyn, NYC

Alcohol infused handmade ganaches at Nunu Chocolates, Brooklyn, NYC

Nunu Chocolates NYC (17)_1_NJV


NuNu sources its organic, single source chocolates from a sustainable farm in Eastern Colombia.  Co-owners Justine and Andy started Pringle started NuNu based on the belief that the world is a better place with chocolate (I agree)!  Its rare to find a chocolate store where you can enjoy chocolate with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer; at NuNu’s flagship store in NYC you can do just that :-)

Nunu Chocolates NYC (2)_1_NJV

Inside Nunu Chocolates

Inside Nunu Chocolates

Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn, NYC

Nunu Chocolates in Brooklyn, NYC


NuNu chocolates are available at many locations in NYC and nationally,  as well as by mail order.  So, you do have time to order some amazing chocolates anytime at your convenience and not just for this week.

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Restaurant Information

* Restaurant Name
Nunu Chocolates
* Overall
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
Boerum Hill / American Traditional
* Street Address
529 Atlantic Ave (between 3rd Ave & Times Plz), Brooklyn, NY 11217
* Phone
(917) 776-7102

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