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Nunu Chocolates: Ganaches handmade in Brooklyn

Nunu Chocolates has some of the best chocolates made in NYC.  I visited the flagship store sometime back and got the booze box – ganaches infused with absinthe, sake, rye, mezcal-chili, moonshine, and amarula.  The ganaches were smooth and velvety, and one cannot miss the distinct alcohol flavor.  My favorite was the sake ganache. Alcohol infused […]

La Maison du Chocolat: Rich, dark chocolate in NYC

This is chocolate week on Not Just Vegetarian!! La Maison du Chocolat is one of my favorite places in NYC to get a cup of rich, dark chocolate!  The hot chocolate is not very thick (not as thick as the hot chocolate in Apostrophe, London), but rich and smooth, like velvet.  The best part about […]

L.A. Burdick: Single source chocolates from Central and South America in NYC

L.A. Burdick has a retail chocolate store in Gramercy / Flatiron in NYC. L.A. Burdick includes a world-wide mail order business, a french-inspired restaurant, a specialty grocery store and retail locations in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts and Walpole, New Hampshire.  L.A. Burdick sources most of its chocolate from Grenada for its “robust chocolate – it […]

Apostrophe: Thick, decadent hot chocolate in London

It’s that time of the year when everyone (er, everyone I know :-)) wants chocolate. I love hot chocolate, and the thicker, and darker it is, the more I like it.  A thick, hot chocolate (with no sugar) at Apostrophe is one of my favorite hot chocolates – although the small cup is too rich […]

Rosso Pomodoro: Consistently good Southern Italian in London

Rossopomodoro is a worldwide chain serving fresh, authentic, and delicious Neapolitan (Southern Italian) food.  This post is a from a couple of visits to their location on Fulham Road, in Chelsea, London.   Rossopomodoro imports flour, (San Marzano) tomatoes, mozarella and other ingredients from Italy (not necessarily environmentally friendly!). Rossopomodoro is great not just for […]

Kuro Kuma: Hidden gem of a coffee shop in Morningside Heights, NYC

A food blogger friend had blogged about Kuro Kuma as soon as it had opened in 2012, but I had to check it out for myself and when he suggested we meet there, I was thrilled to be able to go there.    Kuro Kuma is a hidden gem of a coffee shop in Morningside […]

Another hidden gem – Chocolate Bar in NYC

I am an unabashed chocolate lover (see my write-up of the NY Chocolate Show 2012) and I am picky about the hot chocolate that I drink (as you would know from my hot chocolate experiences at Francois Payard Bakery and at MarieBelle in SoHo).  As one of my friends said, “Once you have good hot […]