Pilpel: Falafels and hummous in Central London

Pilpel is a falafel and hummous bar (small chain really) in London serving vegan and vegetarian falafels in pita pockets.  I think they serve the best falafels – may be because the falafels are brought to you right off the fryer, and topped with what I think is the best tahini sauce.  Pilpel use the best ingredients, fry the falafels in sunflower oil and make everything fresh onsite with no preservatives. Owner Uri Dinay uses a family recipe with lots of herbs and the usual falafel ingredients to create these delicious falafels and the tahini.  In any case, if you like falafels, you will love Pilpel.  Service is very friendly and quick, but did not feel rushed at lunch time.  When you walk in to the store, you will, very likely, be offered a free falafel even before you place your order.  While Pilpel opened in London at Brushfield Street in 2009, it is now in St Paul’s and a couple of other locations in Central London.

Pilpel St Pauls LDN (3)_1_NJV Pilpel St Pauls LDN (4)_1_NJV


I loved the Pilpel falafels for being super crisp outside, and very soft but well cooked inside (they were also very green – parsley?).  The vegetable toppings were many and the feta cheese was very fresh and creamy.  The falafels are served with a green or a red chilli sauce and they are both delicious! The brown pita bread that I tried was thick, yet, soft and well cooked.  If you want your falafels gluten-free, just get them in a container instead of in a pita pocket.

Falafel in pita at Pilpel, London

Falafel in pita at Pilpel, London, Photo Courtesy – Pilpel

Pilpel St Pauls LDN (2)

Photo Courtesy – Pilpel


Pilpel offers vegan falafels (without cheese) and gluten-free (and nut free) options for lunch too.   Per Operations Manager Elad Levy, the most popular option is the vegan falafel with guacamole.   Wish Pilpel allows photographs of the food (the more people taking photos the better, isn’t it?)!

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  1. Concerns me a lot that they don’t list sodium content on their nutrition page, and ignore every request for this info! Their food is delicious but this worries me…


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