Back on the Blog

Almost 6 months since I posted anything here…..  These months were filled with walks in the park, beach trips, a zoo visit or two, a wedding in India, music festivals, good food and …..more!  I promise to fill you all in on the good food in London and wherever I have traveled in the last few months.   And am back to work full-time, and am loving it!!!

Given time constraints, posts henceforth will be shorter….but still fun and Not Just Vegetarian 🙂

IMG_0763_NJV IMG_0932_NJV IMG_0935_NJV IMG_0955_NJV IMG_1115_NJV IMG_1202_NJV IMG_4294_NJV IMG_4376_NJV IMG_4664_NJV IMG_4777_NJV IMG_4778_NJV IMG_4893_NJV IMG_5158_NJV IMG_5606_NJV

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