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A great place to get breakfast in Cancun

This is the third post in the Cancun series. Most tourists who vacation at resorts or hotels in the Caribbean or in Mexico, I suspect, would end up eating breakfast at their hotel’s restaurants because of the all-inclusive stay option available at many resorts.  We often avoid all-inclusive hotels, primarily because of the poor quality […]

Whole-wheat everything bagel with Scallion Tofu at Bagel Cafe

I am no bagel expert , I do not claim to know the hall marks of the ideal bagel, nor do I know the best way to eat a bagel.  Turns out that bagel eating is a pretty democratic process, as I have found on reading many discussion boards, such as this Chowhound board and […]

Veggie Panini with a side of fries

Is a Cafe the same as a Diner?

Or rather, does a Diner become a Cafe because it calls itself so, even if it’s a Diner in reality?  In my opinion “NO” (and I learned this in a way that I would never make the same mistake again – i.e., the hard way) Sometime last week, a friend of mine visited NYC from […]