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Fresh seafood at Fred’s House Seafood Market & Grill in Cancun

Where can one find fresh seafood in Cancun?  There are plenty of restaurants serving fresh seafood, I suppose.  One of those many, for sure, is Fred’s House Seafood Market & Grill.  Fred’s House is a stand-alone, casual, seafood restaurant in the Hotel Zone, right across from the J W Marriott Hotel.   While it is a […]

Fine Dining at Le Basilic in Cancun

This is another post in the Cancun series.  Le Basilic is a fine-dining Mediterranean restaurant in the Hotel Zone in Cancun.  If you read a few of my prior posts on Cancun, you would have read about my preference to eat local food where the locals eat, so why would we eat at a Mediterranean restaurant? […]

Lunch by the beach at Isla Contoy in Cancun

At the end of the year, when all you want to do is to laze by the pool or the beach, or by the pool and by the beach, you just want to eat at the closest restaurant by the pool or the beach (I know, I know, this sentence is long and boring).  That is […]

A great place to get breakfast in Cancun

This is the third post in the Cancun series. Most tourists who vacation at resorts or hotels in the Caribbean or in Mexico, I suspect, would end up eating breakfast at their hotel’s restaurants because of the all-inclusive stay option available at many resorts.  We often avoid all-inclusive hotels, primarily because of the poor quality […]

Cactus Salad and Tacos at Taco Grill in Cancun

This is the second post in the Cancun series.  From my previous post (Ah Cacao in Cancun), you know that we went to the La Isla Shopping Mall in the Hotel Zone to check-out Ah Cacao Chocolate Cafe.  Right across from that cafe is Taco Grill.  We did not set out to have lunch at […]

Ah Cacao in Cancun

In NYC, we get pretty good Mexican food and drinks, so much so, that one is spoilt.  Mexican cuisine is considered cool, and of the moment – see this post in the NY Times. A few years ago, I went to Cancun and had the most miserable experience when it came to food.  Talk about […]