La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo

On a recent cold, wet afternoon, we were shopping in SoHo and wanted to get into a café for some coffee / tea and were drawn to the beautiful interiors of La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo.  La Colombe Torrefaction is a small café with very high ceilings, extremely sleek steel and wood furniture, and beautiful crockery.  I wish I could say positive things about their hot chocolate and their coffee.

The founders Todd Carmichael and Jean Philippe Iberti want their coffee to be balanced and round, consistent, deep but not overbearing, mindful of the kitchen and designed for the palate (from their website)

I am not a coffee drinker and would have gladly settled for a chamomile or fresh mint tea.  I am not sure they had either and so the only drink that I was interested in was a hot chocolate.  The hot chocolate was a thin, milky, unsweetened drink with a hint of chocolate.  The saving grace of this drink was that it was hot.  If you do go to La Colombe Torrefaction, please stay away from their hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate at La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo NYC

Hot Chocolate at La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo NYC

My friend who got the double espresso was not happy with it either (and I trust his taste for coffee and espresso – he travels globally often for work and is quite a coffee aficionado).  The espresso looks a rich dark brown, but it did not deliver on flavor for my friend.  For a cafe that prides itself on taste and flavor, this double espresso missed the mark!!

Espresso at La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo NYC

Double Espresso at La Colombe Torrefaction in SoHo NYC

If any of you have been to La Colombe Torrefaction, please, tell me what is good there besides the furniture and the crockery!

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Please let me know what you think

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