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“Nothing like Chocolate”…

… is a documentary that I saw recently during the NY Chocolate Show 2012.   You may have read a couple of posts preceding this one about my experience at the NY Chocolate Show and about Culinary Trends in chocolate.  This is the last in the series about the NY Chocolate show.  I know some […]

Culinary Trends in Chocolate…

… more from the New York Chocolate Show 2012.  You read about my experience in the show in my previous post. This post is about a short informative (and tasting) session that I attended on Culinary Trends in Chocolate during the NY Chocolate Show.  The session was conducted by a representative of the National Confectioners […]

From the NY Chocolate Show 2012

The 15th NY Chocolate Show was held in NYC from Nov 9 – Nov 11, 2012.  If you did not attend it, I am hoping that this post will make you want to do so next year or at the very least, get into the holiday mood with the eye candy in this post. I […]